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A Life

A Life

A life

That rose with the sun

And cast first colours,

Scattering dawn's final mists

And spread an optimistic warmth.

A life

That glowed with a

Burning desire to do good,

To shine with an intensity

That pervaded and banished all darkness.

A life

That shimmered in an afternoon haze.

Warming oceans of friendship with

Sparkling diamond motes of seaspray.

Happiness refracted and rainbow dissipated.

A life

That soothed and calmed in the dusk.

Where blue skies were riven in hues of

Purpling oranges, reds and memory-golds.

A gentleness that settled at day's end.

A life

That set with the exhausted sun

And colour bled in a joyous final blaze.

The night-creep blackness arriving inexorably,

To gently cloak with stillness.

A life.


A new poem, reflecting on a life. A transition that sees many dawns and many sunsets, and inevitably is witness to its first sunrise and final sunset.

A life in a day.

In memory of my daughter Milla, who passed away in December 2016.

Also written for my friend Awais Khan . May Allah soothe your grief and may you find comfort in memories. Reflect on the warmth, the light that was given throughout A (wonderful) Life.

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