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A Single Word

A Single Word

It poured through the

Cracks in the grey-cloud.

It splashed with the raindrops,

On a world painted in concrete tones.

It whirled in the chilling breeze,

Aloft with memories.

It glistened on the thorn-leaves,

A translucent green.

It trickled over sharp-edged stones,

And flashed in the water-silver.

It settled on littered streets,

Cleansing and purifying.

It coloured the darkness

In a rainbow stripe.

It blanketed the saddest souls

In a single word,

Uttered in a flat smile.

In a single thought

That shattered despair.




There is always hope. There has to be.

It is good to see this wonderful, derelict building in the city centre beginning to be renovated and restored.

I love the simple message it displays. While the windows used to be shattered, the building a shell, the message of hope shone for all to see.

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