• Tony Frobisher

A Walk (At summer's end)

A Walk

(At summer's end)

Last rays of summer

Waters rippled in first autumn

Gales of laughter drift

From across the park.

As barks carry on the wind

And leaves reluctant fall

Ahead of their time.

The hedgerows crowd

The canal tow path

In narrowed greens.

And brambles snag

And tug and snare,

Bearing their first fruits,

A blackberry way.

The clouds lament

The rush towards summer's end,

Racing their reflections

In the swan disturbed waters.

And the sun rises,

Apologetic for its lack of warmth.

It'll return, it whispers,

It'll return.


How can it be we are into the last 10 days of August already? Summer past. In a flash.

As the sun tries its best, the autumn winds gather, ready to welcome autumn.

#nature #seasons #change #walking

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