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I glimpsed the sun,

Blurred and mottled,

Rhythm swayed by

Gentling waves.

Mercury and amber flashed

And surface kissed.

I heard the ocean

In muffled tones.

The womb-sound

We remember in our

Deepest conscience,

Lulling and soothing.

I tasted cool salt

Water and felt my

Eyes stinging with

Grateful reassurance.

I was below, otherworldly,

But resolutely alive.

I emerged, breaking the

Surface with my own waves.

Sun-kissed once more,

Rubbing salt from eyes and lips.

Refocusing on the gull songs

And the rhythm waves.

Drawing breath once more.

No longer below,

But reborn.


Grateful for every breath.

Photo taken on Watu Lawang beach, south Java, Indonesia 🇮🇩

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