• Tony Frobisher

Daybreak on the Canal

Daybreak on the Canal

The night rains departed,

And the morning was fragrant with

The golden scent of petrichor,

Delicious on the dawn breath.

Earthen delights in the smells

Of sod and soil and dew.

Silvered jewels glinting upon

The emerald leaf.

The patient grass waited

For the first tread of sunrisen boots

And scurry of the happy dog.

The daybreak silence broken by yap and bark.

A morning pause, weather still,

Over the sunlit canals, the clouds

Refused to move on, day set,

Admiring their nebulous reflections.

The warmth rose with each sun-minute

And the mists dissipated to become

One with the exhalations of the first joggers,

Pebble crunching the tow path.

And the swans glided a graceful turn,

Expectant for the bread-throwers,

Impatient pecking and wing preening,

They're late today!

Listen, a welcome. The dawn chorus,

The bird throng, bush and branch dwellers joined

With exchanges of Morning! Morning!

The people chorus.

A last deep breath,

The petricor invited the senses

To awaken, daybreak on the canal.

And every sense was alive.


This month I have been walking 10,000 steps a day every day and raising money for Acorns Children's Hospice.

Very often my walks are along the Worcester to Birmingham canal, sometimes just after daybreak. It is a blissful time to be out along the canal, as #nature wakes and the first-lighters set out to walk, jog and exercise.

#naturephotos #morning #sunrise

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