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Every Day is a Poetry Day

Every Day is a Poetry Day

A blade of grass,

A falling leaf.

A breaking wave,

A tree lined street.

A newborn's cry,

A wizened, aging smile.

A consoling hug,

A twinkle in the eye.

A piano note,

A child's happy laugh.

A crack of thunder,

A fire that crackles, sparks.

A book page turns,

A school bell rings.

A teacher smiles,

A student's at last, ah! now I get it, understanding.

A collective joy,

A sublimely struck goal.

A raucous celebration with strangers,

A happy victory walk home.

A silent moment,

A well tended grave.

A forever, restful peace.

A time to be brave.

A time for quiet,

A time to reflect,

appreciate, give thanks, be kind,

be grateful, meditate, celebrate,

sing, dance or pray.

A time for poetry,

Every single day.

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