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Silent, stood by the

Current swirl and rapid flow.

Flooded with thoughts.

A moment to pause,

While ceaseless waters rush.

Flooded with memories.

The river swollen, pours

Pain channelled, mercury heavy.

Flooded with sadness.

Crisp air, sharp inhaled

By river's cold beating heart.

Flooded with tears.

Dusk lights silver glint;

The waters invite reflection.

Flooded with hope.

The waters are now still.

The mind flows in gentler streams.

Flooded with life.



A poem of haiku, of life, of sorrow and hope, of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Photo: Worcester Bridge over the fast flowing River Severn in flood.

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1 Comment

Jan 16, 2023

A poignant yet heart-warming poem.

Anticipation__Walk through winter trees_
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