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Haiku Around The Coast

Haiku Around The Coast

The sun sets on a

Calm Margate shoreline, wave soaked

Fresh with orchard scents

Cold windy cliff top

Dover's miserable grey seas

School-tied comradeship

Eastbourne sunshine coast

Where tennis and seagulls play

Pier and promenade

To Portsmouth history

And ships of old HMS

Victory and Mary Rose

Across Solent shores

An aging Bournemouth at rest

Sandy retirements

Lands End reached at last

Tourist trap desolate and

Wild, not much to sea

A Cornish journey

Of beaches, crags and pasties

But winter silence


Tides out and mud clings to boots

Sunset fish n chips

Severn Bridge Crossing

Tidal bore carries language

English a Chymraeg

In Cardiff splendid

Bay life is relaxed araf

Mountains cry hiraeth

Poetic Mumbles

Dylan Thomas Swansea leaves

For Fern Hill once more

Aberystwyth dark

And gothic buildings glower

Tasting Irish sea

Holyhead at the

end of the line, a one horse

Town where the horse left

Liverpool humour

Decorates streets and history

While the music plays

Belfast - Titanic

Struggles, but at peace, and warm

Welcomes, so there are

At Giant's Causeway

Hexagon Geology

And mythology

O'er the water

To Fort William and the Glens

Lochs under dreich skies

John O'Groats windswept

Distant - End to End, but which

The start or finish?

Inverness where the

Loch contains the real secret

Monstrous tourist tales

Edinburgh - Highland

Gateway, cross the Firth of Forth

Ever painted bridge

Black and white city

Newcastle! Howay tha lads!

A sign of the Tyne

The Monkey Hangers

Braced against Hartlepool waves

In seaport spindrift

Scarborough cliff top

Sweeping bay panoramas

Yorkshire accent gulls

Cleethorpes hums with the

Smell of a neighbouring town

Fishy in Grimsby

Lights flash and bells ring

Arcades by drab drizzle beach

Great Yarmouth at play

Isle of Sheppey to

The Medway's historic towns

Margate -Thanet's end

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