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Hill Scars

Hill Scars

I bear the hill scars.

Wind thrashed and

Rain lashed to my

Weather beaten core.

I bear the hill scars.

Elemental exposure and

Ruddy cheeked in the

Unforgiving stinging hail.

I bear the hill scars.

Bone chilled and

Exhaustion frozen on

A deep lined face.

I bear the hill scars.

Quickened pulse and

Cold breath exhalations.

A summit presence.

I bear the hills scars.

Salt tears dried

In a merciless gale,

Yet a smile of existence.

I bear the hills scars.

Each a blessed pain.

A reminder despite it all,

I am still here.


No one goes through life unscarred. Life cuts and pains us to a greater or lesser degree. Some are more fortunate than others.

But we must bear our pain, our scars and if we have the fortitude, the forbearance, they may strengthen us throughout our life journey.

And our scars define us and shape us and let us know that despite the pain, we are still here.

God bless.

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