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In Children’s Eyes

In Children's Eyes

In January dark, the year began where hope still quietly resides,

Heart carried, in gentle smiles, bright in children's eyes.

In February storms, the winds raged and angry roared outside,

Yet kindness and love quelled the fear seen in children's eyes.

In March the first fluttering of fragrant blossom skies,

A desire to breathe in the spring, reborn in children's eyes.

In April fell the rains, earth's sustenance required,

And the flowers nature-scent, a delight in children's eyes.

In May the bee collected pollen, buzzing with honeyed pride,

A golden skittering dance, sunshine lit in children's eyes.

In June we stared up at never ending blue horizon skies,

That reflected peace and calm, softly pooled in children's eyes.

In July seaside days and sun rays met on sandy beaches wide,

Laughter unfolding in crashing waves, joy in children's eyes.

In August summer mellowed and took its final stride,

The last evening's sun-hurrah, glowing in children's eyes.

In September fall gold, purple, russet leaves and nature died,

Yet nature will spring again a colour burst in children's eyes.

In October the nights were moon-blessed and star-scattered comprised, as the first autumn frosts brought shivered morning-sparkles alive in children's eyes.

In November we woke cloaked in endless fogged morning reprise,

Yet the weakening sun still contained clarity and warmth found in children's eyes.

And in December the snow drifted silently, a welcome white surprise,

And the Christmas smiles of children, saw tears of pride snowflake fall, in all our quiet eyes.


Photo: Tony Frobisher is a Parent Carer Champion for Acorns Children's Hospice, who provide respite care and other essential services for life limited children and their families across the West Midlands in the United Kingdom.

Acorns cared for Tony's daughter Milla until she passed away aged 10 in 2016.

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