• Tony Frobisher

Let The Acorns Grow

Let The Acorns Grow

(For Acorns Children's Hospice)

And when all our hopes were dashed

And no comfort could be found,

The earth once more began to live,

Sprung from acorns in the ground.

The saplings silently grew,

To a full and verdant leaf.

A canopy of embrace,

For all enclosed beneath.

Yet while the earth was sodden

With our collective tears.

The seeds of kindness were sown,

Dispelling all our fears.

So let the acorns grow

And turn to mighty oak.

So let the acorns grow

And fill our lives with hope.

The hands reached out to hold us,

Cradled safe as the solid branch.

Letting light leaf-seep to gentle hearts,

From storm to forest-calm.

So let the acorns grow,

Let pain no more reside.

So let the acorns grow

And fill our forest-sky with pride.


A poem dedicated to the wonderful nursing staff, volunteers, administration teams who run @acornshospice with so much dedication, care, love and commitment. But also to every one of the wonderful children who access Acorns services, and their incredible families.

These children, as all children, are our acorns. They need to grow, be nurtured and cared for. And Acorns Children's Hospice allows them to do that.

I am proud to represent Acorns as a Parent Carer Champion in memory of my daughter Milla.

#charity #hospice #fundraising #kindness

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