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Let The Acorns Grow - A New Collection of Poetry

My new collection of poetry, Let The Acorns Grow, is now published and available to buy. This collection, my 9th since my daughter Milla passed away aged 10 in 2016, has a special motivation and inspiration behind it. Milla was cared for at the Acorns for the Three Counties Hospice in Worcester where we live. Acorns Children's Hospice have 3 hospice across the West Midlands. In addition to Worcester, there are hospices in Walsall and Selly Oak in Birmingham.

Since August 2020 I have been a Parent Carer Champion for Acorns Children's Hospice. My role is to act as a representative for the hospice, fulfilling activities such as speaking publicly at fundraising events, to the media and be an active role model, encouraging Acorns supporters in their own fundraising challenges.

Let The Acorns Grow began as an idea to write a poetry collection and donate the proceeds to Acorns, in memory of Milla. What started out as my own poems on the themes of Hope and Memories, developed into a more inclusive book, as I invited other poets to submit a poem for inclusion. As a result the new book features many of my own poems, plus poems from 19 guest poets. 85 poems in total and a book of 147 pages in length. The guest poets are a varied group, from members of a poetry group to poet friends, as well as an Acorns Mum, and an Acorns member of staff. In addition I am fortunate to have poems in the book from;

Brian Bilston - The Poet Laureate of Twitter. Brian is an amazing, humorous, up-to-the-minute poet. Full of clever and witty ideas, visual poetry, as well as a moderating voice to the problems in our society. His poem Refugees is incredible.

Charley Barnes - Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2019-2020. Charley Barnes has written a new poem especially for Let The Acorns Grow. I was delighted that Charley was so enthusiastic about the project and wanted to be involved.

Francesca Martinez - I have come to know Francesca, who like my daughter Milla, has cerebral palsy; or in Francesca's word, she's a bit 'wobbly' Francesca is an award winning author, comedian, playwright, actress, poet and campaigner. Francesca has always been so supportive and has continued to support me after Milla passed away.

Let The Acorns Grow is available to buy now. The book is £10 with free delivery in the UK.

Thank you for supporting me and Acorns.

Let The Acorns Grow is a book full of hope and full of memories. I hope the poems will connect with you. And of course, with Christmas not far away, a perfect gift for someone special and a perfect way to do something to raise much needed money for Acorns Children's Hospice.

Thank you

Tony Frobisher

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