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Moon Watching

Moon Watching

We watched

The moon

Pale fade

Against the

Powder blue

Dawn sky.

As the sun

Rose triumphant

Over the water,

Teasing us with

Its first warmth.

You stood, one

Hand cupped

Under the moon,

Bathed in first light.

Your eyes reflecting

The sea, an image

I recall every day.

You looked up,

Whispering you’d

Pocket the moon

For a day and

Come back at

Sunset to put

It back in the

Sky before

Anyone noticed

It was missing.

I watched the

Moon that evening

Slow rise

As the sun

Sank in a final

Display of

Defiant colours.

But this evening

The moon

Was wearing

It’s sad face.

Because somehow

You had managed

To put it back,

But you weren’t

There to see it.


Moon Watching.

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