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New Book, Old Friend

New Book, Old Friend

There is a happy nostalgia

In turning that first page.

Imbibing the scent of

Ink on paper, a smell

That is transportive,

Redolent of decades.

Past now presented

Again, a joyous anticipation.

An expectant journey.

A new book, an old friend.

The shy youth,

Teen, unseen,

Introverted, yet

Befriended by the words

Of a stranger, welcomed

Into an imagined world.

Embraced by a cast

Of characters and imbued

With emotion and landscape.

A new book, an old friend.

Eyes close as

Newly read scenes

Replay in your mind.

Word and sentence cascade

Into memories and the

Images are imprinted,

Indelible, ineradicable.

A time of new gifts

Presented page by page.

A new book, an old friend.


New Book, Old Friend

For everyone who senses that tingle of excitement as they embark on the journey of starting a new book & recalls the same feeling when they were a (in my case) shy, introverted, anxious child or teen.

Photo: A selection of books I have written.

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