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On The Mountain (Winter Weather Walk)

On The Mountain

(Winter Weather Walk)

I walked along a mountain trail,

Ensnared by cold and snow and hail.

Forced to wait until weather stop

Sheltering from the heartless gale.

I lay my head on welcome rock,

While the wind-borne imps danced and mocked

And shrieked and laughed and filled my ears,

My path obscured and winter blocked.

My cheeks were stained with frozen tears,

As the wind stole my thoughts and fears.

Though my journey I could not shun,

The end approached and algid neared.

Yet my fears thawed in weakened sun,

Cold banished, its course now run.

I walked on and my fear was none.

Weather journey again begun.


A Poem a Day Day 53/365

All poems for A Poem A Day 2021 can be found on Instagram and Twitter @apoemaday2021

Photo: The Malvern Hills, Worcestershire, UK in winter.


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