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Pier Into The Past

Pier Into The Past

We walked to

The end

Of the pier

And watched

The distant

Ships, silently

Drift toward

The horizon

Accompanied by

The seagulls

And the clouds

And the waves

Until the ships

Had long passed

From view

And the cold

Of evening

Arrived unbidden

Now the seagulls

Disappeared into

Horizon skies

The clouds had

Amassed into a

Bank of solid grey

And the waves

Passed below with

Ineffable relentless power

I turned and

Walked back

Along the pier

Accompanied by

The footsteps of

Summer memories

When the seagulls

Greeted us as

Old friends

And the clouds

Parted to high white

In cobalt skies

And the waves

Stilled to a

Flat calm

But now cold winds

Encouraged weather tears

As I left the pier behind

And it was then I

Recalled we were

Not alone

Only I was

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