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For Now I Am Winter

Spindrift thoughts.

Winter seeps through windows

As drafts hiss with the winds,

Swirling cold memories.

The bones are rattling

The marrow and teeth

Sing a frozen song.

I shiver in the last light.

For now I am winter

And the dark closes in.

For Now I Am Spring

Our breath no longer

Frost shimmering

In the cold dawn.

The new buds drip raindrops

Like happy heartbeats,

As petricor fills the air

And mixes with blossom aromas.

Smiles appear on trees.

For now I am spring

And light is all around.


I left the UK as winter began to tail off. I will return as spring takes its first steps.

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Feb 17, 2023

Lovely with great imagery! It makes me think of new beginnings.

Tony Frobisher
Tony Frobisher
Feb 17, 2023
Replying to

Spring is always full of hope. Best wishes Mari.

Anticipation__Walk through winter trees_
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