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Storm Concerts at the Bandstand

Storm Concerts at the Bandstand

Storm Concerto along

A deserted seafront.

Lashed by winter waves

Which crash high tide

Against the bandstand

And cymbal smash

Driven by a ceaseless,

Unrelenting conductor.

Encore! Encore!

Again! Again!

Urging the wind instruments

And timpani rolls, thundering

To encores of spray,

Denching the excitable

Audience of red-raw-cheeked

And salt-caked children.

Happy-soaked and winter grinned.

A chorus, a union of young voices.

Again! Again!

Encore! Encore!

Hands clap, making warm

Memories in the winter cold.

Home, come on, let's go,

You're soaked, look at you.

The parents admonish

Their seaside-shivering

Excitable children.

Smiling, recalling their own

Waves and storm concerts

From winters years ago.

Encore! Encore!

Again! Again!

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