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Summer Inspirations - Part 2

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

The Passing of Summer Fresh cut grass, Scented sweet peas. Ice creams in a cone, Picnics in the breeze. Tomatoes ripening In a greenhouse sun. Last light at 10pm, The day is not quite done. Family trips when the children Still wanted to hold your hand. Listening to the seagull songs, As peace descended upon the sand. Under red sunset nights, Devouring salty chips. Pocketing seaside memories and Licking doughnut-sugared lips. Now school's out for Never ending infinity days. Sun tanned happy faces, Morning til night time played. But summers meld into one Season, one year, then the next. The kids have outgrown the paddling pool 'It's hot tubs now Mum!' they jest. And darkness creeps slowly Like an unseen trickling tide. The summers pass, and before you know. It's time to say until next year, Au revoir, auf wiedersehen, adiós, goodbye. Inspired by Lorraine Bray-cotton

Summer Climes and Happy Climbs It's not dark yet - 9pm And the roads are quiet. The lingering heat of A Kentish June day Begins to dissipate From the concrete and tarmac. The wheels buzz and the chain hums And each pedal stroke is accompanied By a slowly sinking sun, watchful - Permissive of the carefree cyclist. Mile after mile of elegant souplesse An ease of movement with a tailwind home. A back pocket full of cherries Plucked from the parent's Pleasant flower and fruit-full garden. A requisite stop, before the last 5 miles home. Planning the next trip to summer memories; The Lakes await, and what comes to pass. A bike, a climb, not quite the elegant souplesse Of a home run along the coast. But the strain and effort of ascent. Steeped in recollection of childhood Holidays when we walked - not cycled! But now it is Hardknott, Kirkstone, Honister, Whinlatter, The Struggle, Wrynose - Allez Allez! Pedal all the way - sweat dripping - and this is a holiday... Ah! But the struggle is worth it for the reward. A swooping descent, the rush of the warm Lake District air filling your lungs and A happy reunion with the family. A reviving cup of coffee, a tranquil lake side view of hills and happiness; and a slice of cake. Cherry of course. Inspired by Jim Yeoman A Pure Scots Summer ah! th' sun's oot at last wind blowin' a hoolie,16 degrees time fur taps-aff lads and reveal yer wee knees irn bru by th' can fitba in tha park kickin 'n' playin 'n' messin until it shuid pure be mirk 'n' dark bit th' 11pm twilight lingers like stinging sunburnt scots arms but nae fash fur us weans when th' summer's this pure warm nothin wull dampen oor spirits even though tis bin rainin' a while scotland tha dreich, scotland tha happy soakin sodden satisfied smiles council's oot again cleanin th' park, cuttin grass it's summer 'n' ah cannae bade in sittin aroond a' day oan ma bahookie bit thir's something different in this summer's air gone is th' joy 'n' th' smiles masked by a viral fear, 'n' anxious stares ah will staun 'n' watch as th' neist crop of excited bairns speil ball and wonder if they'll mind scots summers as happy times at a' ah will keep ma distance fur now 2 metres as ah queue, waiting in line for an ice lollie fur ma nae sae wee bairns and behind mah mask ah will aye smile remembering scotland's summertimes. Inspired by Scott Fleming Cricket and Beaches The out field is lightning quick Shot! Another pull for four.... Glorious straight drive down the ground Adding to the score. The village green echoes to The sound of a throaty Howzat! Shouldn't have parked there, shattered windscreens Scattering the slumbering cats. A short drive and Purbeck Gleams in the late afternoon sun. South Beach a thronging crowd, I'll come back when they're all gone. Local roads become bottlenecks To the locals evident chagrin. And tourists litter the place Leaving our pristine beaches unclean. And the roadsides and dune-sides Are flowered with discarded masks. The Staycationers, The Costa del Dorseters, TAKE IT HOME is all we ask. But come sunrise, When the herd has yet to stampede, The beach beckons and welcomes me My happy place, my summer solace. What else could you ever need? Inspired by Alistair Falconer

Bridging the Beaches The sunrise shines Eyes bleary and puffy Oh great, it's hayfever time. Smearing sun cream on every Available exposed inch of skin Heading eagerly to the beach and halt! Oh look, oh joy, the tail backs quickly begin Just near Stroud and there's 50 miles still Until we land upon the sand but the traffic's Having a Weston will we ever get to SuperMare? Ah maybe we should've gone to Barrybados It might have been quieter over there I doubt it though, South Wales A hub, a hive of holiday fun Crowds flocking like pink flamingos Mingling, skin tingling, not an available Inch of beach to be seen. A busy Barry or a bustling Weston super Mare A trip to the English or Welsh sea? Either side of the Severn Bridge Over muddy waters. But whenever we get there And it always takes an age I'll just be dipping my toes in Perhaps a paddle with the children An ice cream, a gentle stroll A good book, a cappuccino A trip to the Penny Falls in An arcade afternoon Dreading the M5, the Traffic when heading home, the Dingy Motorway Services We can't escape too soon. No, I'm past the stage, I've reached The age for no more costume Changes, I'll remain beached, Watching the belongings. And, no you won't hear me moan, Because the kids love a trip to the sea. They wished we lived near, But I'll be ready to fight the traffic Once again, same time, next year. Inspired by Catherine Mulvey

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