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  • Tony Frobisher

The Boy Who Dreamed

The Boy Who Dreamed The boy who dreamed of mountains, To stand on snowy summits high To touch the gathered clouds and gently stroke the sky. The boy who stared at maps, Continents, oceans, islands in the sun, And places imbued with life, rich upon the tongue. The boy who saw the world As a place of adventure, welcome abroad! Unlimited, uncoloured, undiscovered, unexplored. The boy who poured over books And photos, wondering who lived there, In unpronounceable regions and cities where The boy who wished to travel, To get lost in labyrinthine streets, Spice-full of aromas, good enough to eat. The boy who knew that people Were one, irrespective of race, colour, creed, belief, culture, language or face.

The boy who desired to be immersed In the heat and bustle and noise and dust And share generosity and kindness, friendship and trust. The boy who eschewed familiarity, For the exotic, different, hard to explain - Experience travelled via bus, boat and train. The boy who smiled and gestured, In a profusion of confusion; received and greeted With smiles in return, language barrier defeated.

The boy who wanted nothing more Than to see life lived, global humanity. Where dreams are manifest to become reality. The man who travelled And saw the world with adult eyes. But always felt the joy upon new discoveries, A smile of amazement and a little boy's surprise.

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