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The Last Time I Shook Hands

The Last Time I Shook Hands

The last time I shook hands, The smiles weren't hidden. The eyes looked without fear. The distance between us was insignificant. The people congregated, mingled, mixed. The world breathed differently.

The last time I shook hands, Pandemic was 15 points at Scrabble and 50 bonus points for using all 7 letters. Masks were for Tokyo and Seoul and Beijing, Trains were full and standing. Shops were worried about falling sales, Not closing down sales.

The last time I shook hands, Happy birthday was just a song, sung once. Corona was just a beer and a long ago soft drink, Where Every Bubble Has Passed Its Fizzical! And a bubble was something you blew, Not stayed within, or worried about leaving. And over 40,000 people, shook hands too. For the final time. #life #newnormal #coronavirusuk #covid19 #covid19uk #society

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