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The Tour of Random Places

The Tour of Random Places

(Inland UK Haiku)

Village at Peace

Shrivenham where calm

Fills the streets quaint safe carefree

Don't tell the tourists

All Change

Solihull where roots

Deepen into history yet

Investment changes

Pot Luck

Stoke breathes culture

The sense of community

Impoverished, proud

Scotland the Prood

Windswept wild and dreich

Wicht and prood - I've a muckle

Fainess for Scotland


Bathgate Proclaimed in

Pensefu sang - Community

No more? Ach, never!

O'tha Borders

Selkirk, haim o'ma

Nana - lassie o'tha Borders

Pride in every smile

England's Scottish Steel

Corby steels itself

Industry's now sadly Scotched

Yet Pole Fair-awa!

Nottingham Sups

From the forest to

A host of merry folks in

Historic hostelries

Old Newark

A castle stands, a glance

To Cromwell's past, drifts down the

Trent, flowing history

Stainless City

Sheffield polished steel

Stainless heritage a clan

And cutlery clang

Suffolk Comfort

Suffolk peaceful air

Hanchet End where? Family, home

Relaxation waiting

So It Does

South of Belfast a

Friendly welcome awaits in

Banbridge - so it does

Norn Iron Rises

Viewed from verdant hill

Northern Ireland rises - a

Homeland and sanctuary

Peace in London

London's constant hum

But peace is found - canal coots

Ducks the dusk sunset

Shop Til You Drop

To the Village! Shop

Off the rails, arrive by rail

Fly home? Ahh...Bicester!

Posh Diversity

Peterborough Posh

Play next the Nene, city flows

With diversity

Steyning the Landscape

Where the Adur flows

Through Steyning's Downs, eager to reach


Worcester Sauce

When will Worcester bells

Cathedral cease? When the

Severn flows no more

Northern City Devils

Civic pride and fierce

Mancunian tribes - Northern!

Whether blue or red

You're Bard

Sonnets by Avon

Shakespeare pervades each daily

Sight and Stratford sound

Peaks and Troughs

Steep peaks and summer

Highs tourists flock in hordes

Lake District adored

Snowdon Pit Stop

I queued for the loo

In Snowdon's summit café with

Grannies and Mountaineers

As Steep As It Looks

Mam Tor looked down on

Winnats Pass as cyclists climbed

On exhausted legs

Hills and Vales

Warm breeze in the Vale

Of Evesham yet Malvern's Peak

Riven with cold gales

Pen Y Flocks

Brecon flock the sheep

Will follow to Pen Y Fan

Long line to the top


Joined together - an

Academic rivalry

Oxford/Cambridge blues

#haiku written in response to 3 word answers from many friends to the question, "Describe where you live in 3 words."

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