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Travelling - A Different Perspective

Travelling - A Different Perspective

Travel brings its own challenges

What to bring, what to leave behind

Sun cream and summer top?

Travel brings its own challenges

Who to bring, who not to leave behind

Some scream and some won't stop

Journeys from hell, a challenge again

Train cancelled, flight delayed

Put up in a nice hotel, reward for a night

Journeys from hell, a challenging terrain

A fight for your life if you'd stayed

Put up in a filthy room, reward for your plight

People make places so they say

Friendly locals, wonderfully hospitable

Welcome honoured guest

People make places if you pay

Suspicious locals, conditions inhospitable

Not welcome refugee pest

Always a pleasure to travel

But always great to be back home

Because home is where your heart is

Always a challenge to travel

And to have been forced from your home

Because home is where your heart was broken

Travel - for the fortunate holidaymaker, who can return to their home, happy and well rested.

Or for the refugee forced to flee conflict, risk a perilous journey and leave behind their home, uncertain if or when they will ever return.

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3 comentarios

23 ago 2021

Sweet and uplifting poem.

By the way, still waiting for the book. I'll pop in the Post Office and see f they're working or having a rest there!

Me gusta
23 ago 2021
Contestando a

I will let you know as soon as it gets here. Best wishes to you and yours too.

Me gusta
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