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Today I did something unthinkable,

Though to be honest I'm not ashamed.

Today I became a United supporter,

For reasons which I can't be blamed.

Today I cheered on and shouted,

For the team so brilliantly led.

Today I wanted a red to win,

For all the children needing to be fed.

Today I stood United

With every single hungry kid.

Today we were all United

And it's the best thing we ever did.

Today it's not about politics,

Or those who ignore or neglect.

Today it's all about the children,

Who we stand by and won't forget.

Today I became a United supporter,

For a team called Kindness & Charity.

Today I became a United supporter,

For a team called Hope & Unity.


Perhaps the best match Marcus Rashford has played. United we stand. As a nation..not prepared to abandon the most vulnerable children in society in a time of real need.

To see so many small business, cafes, restaurants, local councils stepping up to offer free meals to children who would otherwise gone hungry in the holidays is the best of Britain. Our elected representatives enjoying subsidised meals in the House of Commons, played for by the taxpayer, on their salaries of £81,000 a year, should hang their heads in shame.

Today I became a United supporter.

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