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Home or Away?

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Home or Away?

(On Leave or Leaving?)

Going abroad

For a couple of weeks

Bit of sun and sea

Chilling out by the beach

Going abroad

Forced by bullet and bomb

Endless roads and uncertainty

What did we do wrong?

Can't wait to get away

From the daily grind

Bit of rest and relaxation

Leave all our troubles behind

Don't want to leave my

City, country, business, family, friends, home

But the journey to a new life begins

Escaping a war zone

Looking forward

To some tasty foreign food

Cheap beers and overindulgence

Well, not to - that would just be rude

Looking ahead is hard

What challenges and risks lie in wait

Day after day mile after mile

Leaving behind violence fear and hate

I'll top up my tan

Read a book, unplug the phone

Two weeks to de-stress

And I'll be sad to go home

Because home is reality

Routine, work, bills, stress

Until 2 weeks same time next year

Getting away from it all,

Yeah, leaving home for a while is the best

A new life we seek in

A country alien, a distant time zone

New life, culture, language, possibilities, renewed hope

But it will never be home

Because home no longer exists

In the rubble ruin and dust

And the broken streets and broken faces

And a place you can no longer recognize

And people you can not trust


We all travel, yet every journey has a different purpose and destination. Some joyous, some painful.

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