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View From A Park Bench

View From A Park Bench

(Hope for the future)

There's a young boy, 3 or 4,

Delighting as he swings

Higher and higher, then

Tumbling onto his knees.

Again Dad! He squeals.

There's a young girl, 6 or 7,

Laughing and chasing her dog,

Yelling with delight as her

Mother watches with pride,

A smile caressing her face.

There's a young teenage lad

Sitting on the opposite bench.

Reading Orwell's '1984' as the

Tinny hiss of earphones spills

Out Lunge da lei from La Traviata.

There's a group of teenage girls

Walking past talking about A levels

And going on to study nursing,

And veterinary science and

Engineering and maths.

There's a young man, early 20's.

Clean shaven, dressed in pressed

Collared shirt and tie, polished shoes.

Well-suited before an impending interview.

Trying to suppress his nerves, but not his pride.

There's a young woman, early 20's.

A book of collected poems, open at

Emily Dickinson's Hope is the Thing With Feathers.

Sharing her sandwich with hopeful pigeons and

An eager squirrel scurrying by the bench.

There's an old lady, stood watching through

Decade eyes, at the young children and teenagers

And the young men and women and the

Mothers and fathers, smiling, content.

She nods as our eyes meet.

The park echoes to children sounds

Of laughter and happiness and freedom.

It is filled with youth and anticipation

And contentment and peace

And a positive air.

'There is hope for the future,' she says,

Spanning the park with an outstretched arm.

She turns away with a gentle smile,

Laughter accompanying her slow tread

And hope reflecting in her eyes.


Don't give up on the youth of today, for they are the hope for the future.

And there are many inspiring, enthusiastic, bright young people making their way through this world.

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