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We Are The Morning

We Are The Morning

We are

The morning makers,

The exercise takers.

The cuppa brewers,

The get up and doers.

The seize the dayers,

The first light prayers.

The 5am joggers,

The 6am bloggers.

The rise and shiners,

The always have timers.

The breakfast preparers,

The dedicated carers.

The dog walkers,

The neighbourly talkers.

The off to workers,

The never shirkers.

The you can do it motivators,

The motionless meditators.

The dawn-light swimmers,

The meet you with a grinners.

The new day greeters,

The nation's heart beaters.

We are the morning.


Up at 5am out at 5:30am. A brisk 5km walk, over 6,000 steps done, 50 minutes of exercise and home before 6:30am for tea and toast.

Oh, and a poem that sprung to mind as I walked around, observing my sleepy suburb of Worcester waking up.

Have a great day. Even those of you still in bed!

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