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You'll Find Me (Sea Memories)

You'll Find Me

(Sea Memories)

You'll find me

Where oceans

Spill across

Pebbled shores

In crack and clatter

And gentle swoosh.

You'll find me

Where the sea

Dances in white

Spray wave tops

That rhythmic repeat,

Crash, crash and return.

You'll find me

Under the greying skies

And bottle green waters,

Listening to the gulls

Speak of warmer days,

Cawing above the winds.

You'll find me

At the end of the pier,

Watching the horizon ships

Pass in silent distance.

While I listen for the sea memories

Borne on wind, wave and tide.


So many memories attached to the sea, the ocean, the elements, the winds, waves, tides and water.

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