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Tony Frobisher


Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog website 'ajfrobisherpoetry' (

My interest in poetry has long been tucked away in a darkened corner of my mind. I have not, until now, had the catalyst or desire to write down my ideas and to share them.

But that all changed in December 2016.

For everything changed in December 2016. 

While on a family visit to Indonesia, my daughter Milla, passed away unexpectedly. She was 10 years old.


Milla and her triplet sisters, Jewel and Louisa were born in 2006, 16 weeks premature.

Jewel sadly died after only 17 days. Louisa has developed and grown up well, though has disabilities connected to her early birth; blind in one eye and developmental delay.

Milla was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a very young age. Despite being in a wheelchair, unable to walk, sit, talk and needing to be fed through a stomach tube, Milla was always happy. 

Milla brought an energy and a happiness to a room. She inspired everyone who met her. Her beautiful smile and gentle happy personality shone. To have lost Milla so suddenly has been unbearable. Not a day goes by without us remembering her, missing the cuddles and laughter, the love she gave us, but also thinking back and reflecting on 10 short, challenging, but happy years, treasured always in our thoughts and our hearts.

My poetry began as a way to express my grief. My sense of overwhelming loss, bewilderment and sadness. A way to put down my feelings, to share with others and to try to make sense of losing Milla and of finding some way forward.

My poems are about loss, sadness, reflection, life and emotion. They convey what it is to have lost my daughter, my best friend, someone who remains as much part of us now as she did before.

In time, they will begin to reflect life as it moves forward, in all its guises; the happy, the sad, the different, the joyous, the unexpected. 


Please read and take from these poems what you want. I hope they may reach out and connect with you.

Tony Frobisher



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