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Eyes Close

Sleep can calm or sleep can play tricks that pain and sadden. Dreams that are full of hope leave you full of despair upon waking. You meet you loved ones in your dreams, those who have left you and for a brief moment all is well, all is happy. But sharp sting of waking stabs at your emotions. It was a dream. A dream that leaves you shattered.

Eyes Close

Eyes close pained and wearied Heavy with grief's burden Eyes close resigned defeated Futile fight as sleep wins victorious Eyes close but dreams' doors open Dreams no longer an escape from life Eyes close to face image and thought Heartless dreams leave you there... awake Eyes close with rapid movement listless Hearing your sound seeing your smile Eyes close to leave you close but so far Within reach but unable to grasp or hold Eyes close while fitful image replays The dream envelopes and cloaks you in hope Eye close you are are there For when eyes again open You will be gone

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