• Tony Frobisher

The Orchard

The Orchard

A face forlorn, resigned, but a flicker of hope

Refugee seeking refuge from winter’s cold

And searing summer heat

Set adrift on unknown streets

Cast into a future unseen unwanted

Far from those orchards of memory

Closed eyes to memories that stay

Torn from a land where childhood dreams played

In the warmth of a spring morning

Where the smell of orchards ripe mixed with spice and laughter

Spilling from every kitchen…

And joy, love and happiness perfumed the air


Torn from a land of beauty and trust

Thrust into violence that broke homes and bones

Discarded and thrown from your whole world

Destruction writ in every hate filled scream and face

That erased the grace and tranquillity

Of those sun kissed orchards of memory

And now

The orchards lay split splintered

The fruit of man’s toil rotten soiled

Replaced by the fruits of man’s hatred and greed

Power that replaced the seed

Seed that no longer grows orange, lemon or pomegranate

Seed that is blown and scattered with bomb and grenade

Far from those orchards that burst with life

And now…and now

Torn from a home wrapped in love

An unknown fate awaited

In unstable boat, wrapped against the cold

Wrapped up against the world

And all they have and all they have lost

Fatalistic accepting yet uncertain

If they should ever set foot to dry land again

And whether in those northern lands

The orchards grow too

A flicker of a smile

Sunken eyes and wearied lines of a face

That has seen too much

And wants nothing more

Than to be at home

But home has gone

Perhaps the chance those seeds blown

Will one day grow again

Far from those orchards of memory

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