• Tony Frobisher

Of Asian Trails

Of Asian Trails Witness to blinding greens Lit in tranquil scenes And darkened hues Framed in blues And heat that rises Infused to spices That evoke tales Of Asian trails Where miles passed And smiles gently asked Questions unending And answers left pending Brought confusion and tea This foreigner, the mystery But this traveller, a guest Eat...eat...talk...then rest And those gentle quizzical faces Sealed unknown places In a traveller's heart Though now distant, apart Forever etched, forever kept _____________________________ Nothing can surpass the pleasure of travel through an unknown country; the changing scenery and the daily experiences of the new...place and tastes, language and people. And it is the smiles of welcome, of friendship, of kindness and of help that remain the indelible mark on your heart. For a place can be remarkable by dint of its beauty. But it is the people who make it memorable and special. That was for me the experience of travelling in Indonesia...which I first did 21 years ago.

#travel #asia #travelling #people #culture #life

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