• Tony Frobisher

Solitude by the Sea

Solitude by the Sea I clambered over the rocks, A shadow cast Amongst the seabirds, That dived and bobbed On purpling sunset waves. As the sea broke Crashing over the rocks, It threw spray that soaked And hid ever saltier tears. I failed to choke them back Under the fast sinking sun. Where the wind dies The sea remains, Relentless sound. Bird cry and shingle wash Pushed by spilling wave Then slowly withdrawn. Until left alone. A momentary lull and calm, A solitude found within The sea sound. Until the next wave Crashes and pounds into Rock and beach and thoughts. Solitude by a sunset sea. Momentary, but no less desired. Soaked in brine and sound, But alone. Alone at last And awash in memories. _____________________________ When you find solitude by the sea, you will be awash in memories.

#solitude #peace #memories #sunset #sea

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