• Tony Frobisher

Winter in Scotland - 2025

Winter in Scotland - 2025

It’s warm today, He said setting off for a walk, In t-shirt and sun cream And a new pair of shorts. 23 degrees C And awash with sweat, In the middle of February The warmest winter’s day yet. In the dry Glens of Scotland, Devoid of forgotten snow, Where days of white are just memories And mountain flowers spring early to grow. And the green of the valleys, Has turned quick to brown, And for months rain hasn’t fallen, Over loch, isle or town. Aye, it’s warm today, He said without a trace of a smile. For what he would give To be soaked and cold for a while. _____________________________ Climate change is perhaps the most significant and potentially destructive threat facing the planet. Is it too late to stop the continual rise in global temperatures? Perhaps. Though there are some who refute the science and say climate change is a myth, a fallacy. They seem to be burying their heads in even hotter burning sand.

#climatechange #globalwarming #environment #weather

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