• Tony Frobisher

Spring Walks

Spring Walks I took a walk On spring's gentling breeze And floated upon the birdsong. I swirled in river eddies And bowed with the reed banks. I took wing with the butterflies And burrowed with the shrews. I scuttled with quickening squirrels And hid within rustling hedgerows. I stood solitary as the ancient oak And burst with flowering buds. I shimmered with the sparkling fish And hummed with the bees. I drifted in the sunshine haze And vanished in the high scudding clouds. I took a walk, But walking was the least I would do. _____________________________ What a walk. An absolutely beautiful day in Worcestershire today. A high sun, warming the breeze and the back of my neck. Blue skies and high cloud. And the peaceful sounds of nature abound. What a country to live in. Where nature thrives. And we are fortunate to walk in and amongst it. Accompanied by birdsong and insect hum, the sounds of flowing water and the gentle rustling of the trees.

Posted in summer, written in spring!

#spring #walks #springnatureflowers

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