• Tony Frobisher

Daybreak on the River

Daybreak on the River Daybreak rippled sounds And silver morning flow, Cool the ire of the beaten night. Such beautiful disturbance, A surface shimmer gleam. The river greets the end of the greylight And passes by colour streaked, Endless and resurgent, Under the firmament aglow. An eventual sun That breaks the horizon, With teasing rays. The best of times, The dawn of days. And let the water breath Kiss the sallow mists. A final caress. Vanquished to daylight. Whispering willows talk, Shadow borne on dappled waters, Bank bowed swaying dance. Weep willow, weep now, For the day has begun. Joy sapped, seeping From trunk and branch. Where the breeze wakes To stir the nest dwellers. Safe haven for birdsong That is carried Upon each gentling ripple. A new day! they sing And the river ripples its applause In the first swish of fishtail And dragonfly sorties. Oh glorious dawn, The day begins! _________________________________ Things you should do. - wake up before daybreak - stand by a river, stream, lake, the sea - be silent. Listen to the sounds of nature - wait in the greylight of daybreak - watch the sky change from black to grey to myriad colours - wait for the sun to peep above the horizon - watch the sun slowly rise - be grateful for that moment Repeat. Photo: sunrise on the River Avon, Eckington, Gloucestershire 

#nature #dawn #sunrise #morning #mindfulness

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