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The Shadow Waves

The Shadow Waves The shadow waves begin When the sea light Shines with last gold. And motes of soft spray Dissolve to salt On the evening winds, And the gulls fall silent. The shadow waves begin. Come! they beckon, A rhythm sound. Come!, drink our peace, Absorb the calm. You'll not find it Away from the shore. The shadow waves begin. Risen in anticipation, yet Crest-fallen with sadness. As the night ushers in darkness And returns the wave watchers, Sand sodden and pebble strewn, Restful and glad of heart. The shadow waves begin. _________________________________ I am no more at peace than at night's approach beside the sea. When the colours flash in sunset, then fade to half light and darken, bringing the shadow waves to shore. It is a wrench to tear myself away from the calm and return to the noise and chaos of life. 

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