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Went Missing (The Refugee)

Went Missing (The Refugee) Candle lit and memory burnt, Flames thrown and forgotten words. Lives silenced, voices unheard, Darkness journeys, a hateful world. From shadows lost, unnoticed, unseen, Ruined streets where life had been Vibrant, rich, happy, free. Went missing, carrying only memories. _________________________________ The refugee. Faced with the starkest of decisions. Stay in a conflict torn, war ravaged home, city, country. Where life barely functions, and the expectation of death stays with you in every waking moment, and peppers dreams to nightmares. Or, flee. Leave everything and everyone you have ever known. Flee and escape to uncertainty. The hope of a new life in peace, safety, security and amongst people who embrace, welcome and respect you. Stay or flee. And should you flee in the morning, those who stayed will ask where you are. To be told you 'went missing'.

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