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Eastern Travels and Tales

Allah's Istanbul

The Bosphorus gleams

Under mosqued domes, religion

Always dominates

Tel Aviv Beats

Discos in Tel Aviv

Warm pulsing nights next the Med

Does conflict matter?

Jerusalem Peace


Judaism and Islam

Peace often shattered

Cairo Pyramid Schemes

I go to Giza!

I take you tour Pyramids!

I always best price!

Tomb Raiders

Luxor bakes under

Saharan sun, the Nile flows

As cool Pharaoh's tombs

Mecca Circles


Join the devout and offer

Constant Kab'aa prayers

Dubai Dollar

Concrete and glass signs

Of wealth and soulless greed an

Escape to sun and sea

Esfahan Sights and Sounds

Esfahan minarets

Tower over the city

Pious calls to prayer

Quiescence in Quetta

Quiet desert skies

Quetta encircled by fine

Balochistan sands

Literally Literary Lahore

When Kipling wrote of

Lahore's worn historic streets


Pashtun Smiles

Peshawar rifles

Fierce smiles and Kalashnikovs

Pashtun tribal pride

Tradition Lives

Rawalpindi lives

Breathing tradition blending

Ancient and modern

Choked Capital

Lutyens Delhi tarred

By the same weather stained brush

Smog for slum and wealth

Colours and Breezes

Where pink palaces

Gather in the Rajasthan

Winds of old Jaipur

Tamil Nadu Heat

Spice clouds in Madras

Curried dreams of palate fire

And taste bud memories

Bustle in the K

Horns and market chat

Driven to distraction by

Kathmandu bustle

Pokhara Peace

Placid lake under

Himalyan watchful eyes

Annapurna waits

Sri Lanka CSI

Colombo bristles

Er, Just one more thing

I'm no detective

Bangkok Spices

The spiritual

The sensual and sordid

The spice of Bangkok

Good Morning Saigon!

Vietnam mornings

Banh Mi fresh bought on the streets

Tastes of Ho Chi Minh

Hue Battles

Đại Nội Citadel

Huê battles past, present

Bullets in the walls

Pnomh Penh Ponders

What future awaits

The Cambodian dreamers?

Well, Angkor Wat waits

Kashgar Hope

The mosques fall silent

As does the proud Uighur tongue

But in homes it lives

Beijing Dreams

22 million

Faces of modern China

Where do they all sleep?

Digging up the past in Xi'an

Warrior armies

Guardian protectors of

Terracotta secrets

Smiles in the traffic

Jakarta crawls to

A daily halt but there are

Always smiles to see

Semarang Floats

Monsoon brings floods and

Temporary disruption but

Semarang goes on

Yogyakarta Dignity

The Sultan takes tea

As Yogyakarta lowers

Its shoulders in respect

Bali Beach

Raucous wave riders

Happy beach hedonism

Not the real Bali

Kuala Lumpur Voices

Malay and Chinese

Tamil and English spoken

Language unifies

The Clean Streets of Singapore

Busy Singapore

Business and commerce upon

Streets of cleanest wealth

Hong Kong Skylines

Yes, point to the skies!

For whatever they decide

It's where freedom lies

The Ends of the Perth

I stood in Kings Park

Perth shone in warm southern sun

Happy isolation

Antipodean Architecture

Sydney skyline lit

Iconic bridge and buildings

Youthful and laid back

Top End Times

To the tropics - Darwin

Buzzing with backpackers fun

The humid night hums

On Melon Farming

In Kununurra

The trail of the melon men

Sun bronzed fruitful times

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