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Night Timers

For the past few weeks I have been setting out to ride my bicycle in the middle of the night as part of training to cycle 200 miles in a day. What has struck me is the number of people you pass on the streets at 3am or 4am. Some minding their own business, others evidently up to no good as they give you the 'what you looking at' stare as you cycle past. People not in bed, but on the streets. What are they doing? Who are they..these night timers?

Who are they

These night timers?

That you pass in the dark of night

Pass by lurking in shadow

Or lit by street light

Young couples embraced

Hooded shapes without a face

Night timers strolling streets

Midnight liaisons they meet

Groups of youths loiter

Intent writ large in darkened corners

Drunks that stumble and tumble

From the pub long since closed

Dishevelled and stained of clothes

Insomniacs walk minds racing

Devoid of the power to sleep

Forever pacing

Street cleaners picking up the detritus

Of careless kebabs and splattered chips

Discarded upon return from hedonisitic trips

To pubs and clubs and bars

Passing doorways and passageways

Where homeless lie prone to wait the next day

To cast away the fear of night and hunger borne

Of a life where the need to beg

Leave them of dignity shorn

And forgotten in those doorways still

Sirens break the night silence

Until all is quiet again

And the night timers resume

Unconstrained by wall or room

Roaming in hours early and small

Seeing everything or nothing at all

Lost in thought, lost in the night

Who are they

These night timers?

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