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Freedom Is Belonging

Freedom Is Belonging There is loneliness in freedom But would you still crave freedom Fighting for a right to be free If it resulted in isolation and exclusion Or would you remain trapped In the company of others? Neighbour and colleague Friend or family each drawn by A communion of kinship A togetherness of friendship A bond of experience shared Hardships endured Rewards few though savoured Freedom is not only about release Freedom is also acceptance, inclusion Community and charity Freedom is belonging

Put yourself in the place of a family forcibly removed from their home. Forced to flee conflict and seek safe haven in a new unfamiliar country. But you are sadly marginalised, excluded, ignored, treated as insignificant and worthless. Unaccepted in a place you strive to be part of and to contribute positively to. But rejected. For being not a human being in need, but a refugee or immigrant, a foreigner, an alien. When all you wish is to feel acceptance and that you belong.

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