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Breathless at the beauty As I walked On path and hill side to a hill top Which greeted my wordless arrival With weathered disdain For it has seen little change Yet I arrived in dumbfounded awe Breathless at the beauty That surrounded me And stretched beyond Far beyond distant horizons Merged to radiant skies Breathless at the beauty That lay in rolling fields Decorated in clouded shadows An endless sky that hung in generous display A canvas of splendid colour Did England ever look finer? I doubt it ever did Or would again As I began a wearied return To brick and concrete and life Breathless at the beauty I once again left behind _____________________________ That nature remains as beautiful as it does despite the best efforts of humanity to ravage, pollute, destroy and damage our shared environment, is testament to the resilience of the natural world. We should endeavour to preserve and protect our environment or the timeless beauty of our natural spaces will be confined to a digital space. A photograph of what was lost due to our selfish recklessness. Photo: The Malvern Hills, Worcestershire

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