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Under Stars and Clouds

Under Stars and Clouds The saddest sight Passing by with ne'er a sound Alone adrift under silent cloud To walk cast out into the wind When the end is never in sight And the beginning a distant memory Destination unplanned Upon this land to roam But beauty & splendour ignored When no room no bed No home no more The saddest sight Wearied alone The plight of those For whom home exists Under stars and clouds Passing silent by Evaporating with morning mists _________________________________ Homeless, displaced, evicted, replaced...from the homeless person shivering in a shop doorway on a winter's night to a refugee, lonely and trapped in limbo in a squalid tent...always moving on or being moved on. No home. Home and hopeless. There are hundreds and thousands of people without a home. Who roam and wander and walk and hope one day that stars and clouds will be viewed from inside the warmth and safety of a home they can proudly call their own. Not to concern that stars mean a freezing night sky or clouds mean inevitable rain or snow. But how often do we see, really notice as they drift and float past us in the street, shuffling and cold, worn out and defeated. To pass and disappear from view and thought.

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