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Home is more than brick or stone Home is shelter and refuge Home is welcome Wherever welcome is shared To have been welcomed into homes by strangers who extended the hand of friendship in places as diverse as Iran Pakistan India Indonesia Malaysia and Vietnam is the most incredible privilege. The homes may have been simple, sparse, the belongings few...but the welcome was always of genuine warmth, kindness and trust. The stranger, the wearied traveller, the guest....our language and culture may have divided us, yet nothing says acceptance and unity more than the simple gesture of a heartfelt smile, a hand proffered in welcome and an offering to sit together and sip a cup of tea or to share a meal. Home is indeed wherever welcome is shared. And to have spent time amongst the rich diversity of humanity is the most humbling and most treasured of experiences. Photo: Shepherd's Hut. Taken high in the Khumbu Valley, Himalayas, Nepal

#travel #culture #acceptance #friendship

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