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Must It Be Christmas

Must it be Christmas Be happy let's cheer Be merry Christmas time is here Again passed another year of worry Stress anxiety and fear But cajoled to join in the fun The office party where you are The only one Who Doesn't Want To Be There Smile laugh in the right places Cringe at the jokes All the while studying your boot laces Avoid eye contact and idle smalk talk As the world around Drowns in festive spirit Awash in yuletide ho ho ho The desire the urge to walk to go and A white noise that rings in your head Disturbed and panicked you fled from Alarms and bells that jingle The only place you want to mingle Is in the brutal kind frozen air Of a winter street A road to walk upon The only sound Your feet that take you Step by relieved step Away from happiness Back home where your true happiness Is found waiting Alone in silence And you remain Unseen Unknown _____________________________ Christmas time for people who have social anxiety is rarely a time of happiness and carefree relaxed fun. It can be a crippling fear stricken time. The office party where the 'professionalism' of the work environment is dispensed and raucous baudy drinking and banter ensues, is insufferable and the most discomforting experience. How to show to show not to let on true not to be to leave as soon as possible. Christmas should be fun for everyone. Though for many sadly it isn't. It really is ok to not be ok. But talk. The greatest gift is someone who listens and understands. Don't struggle alone.

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