• Tony Frobisher

The Perfect Ride

The Perfect Ride Inhale this verdant land Of colour and warmth Inscribe to memory eternal Every blade of grass Every ray of sun Every drop of rain Every pedal turned Let the road flow beneath And movement feel timeless As miles pass unnoticed Let beads of sweat Drip and mingle with morning dew And the heart beat rise In tune to distant birdsong Exhale sadness and despair For they do not belong On the perfect ride Just turn the pedals and all is well Ride on...ride on _________________________________ For me cycling is cathartic, energising, exhilarating, relaxing and pleasurable. It is a way to be mindful and to be present in the moment, free of thought, unencumbered, unburdened. An escape. It is similarly a chance to engage in your thoughts and to solve problems and rationalise situations in your life. But mostly it is an exercise. Not just a physical exercise. But one of mental fortitude...to keep going up that hill, into the headwind and when you are tired, spent of energy. 

#cycling #cyclinglife #mindfulness #thoughts

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