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The Dragon (The Insomniac's Companion)

The Dragon (The Insomniac's Companion) When will you learn, That you can not wrest sleep From the jaws of a dragon, That breathes the fire of insomnia? The futility of a fight that fails to exhaust, But instead invigorates and energises As the mind plays night games And the shadows of the dragon Circle and swirl, ignorant of your pleas The dragon mocks until the first cry of the distant cockerel That joins derisive in cacophonous, crowing laughter At which point the dragon departs, satiated The day arrives And brightness smites As dragon smoke stings the eyes And darkness of exhaustion hangs heavy Sleep will you take me tonight? But the dragon returns whence nightfall descends _____________________________ Sleeplessness is a frustrating condition. The insomniac's mind races with thoughts, desperate to think of none. And the body fires with energy.. tossed and toyed with by the dragon of night.

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