• Tony Frobisher

The Page (Unknown Lives)

The Page (Unknown Lives) If all the world Is a page written indelible I have read but a sentence No more a paragraph For there are people in places Unregistered and yet to be inscribed To my awareness and learning Bereft of my attention and thought People who strive to live their lives And steadfast in hope or resigned to static permanent fate Wishful to experience all life has to offer People blissfully unaware of my existence In a town to them unknown The merest ink spot upon the map A collection of lives presented only as letters Do they gaze in awe at the map This page still to be read and curious question Whether people in places unknown Even know or care they exist? So read on For with every word the world is revealed Every sentence enabling better understanding Every paragraph conscious connection and dreams fulfilled One day we may reach the end of the page The map unfolded fully explored And those unknown faces in unknown places May yet become friends _____________________________ To travel is to experience the privilege of movement and temporary relocation, the sensory overload of culture, the fortune and fate of meeting that human encounter brings. I have been fortunate to travel...but there is so much to see. I have read but a few sentences of this page we call the world.

#travel #life #maps #exploration #culture #people

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