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One Way Conversations

One Way Conversations One way conversations Discussions on dinner decisions Sorry I'll be home late admissions Hi yeah... I'm on the train As if we and they didn't know Tell us everything so you can go Home to the wife the husband The cat dog or telly And we'll be glad we knew What exactly went in your belly One way conversations Snippets of busy lives Details of meetings in which you strived To conclude negotiations And seal a deal Had a great business lunch And a fantastic meal Phone calls that just can't wait Dinner's in the microwave Whispered angered words Stressed in a state Love you miss you see you in a bit And tomorrow's news from the train You'll broadcast for all As we stay silent and sit _____________________________ A journey back home on the train after a trip to London. Commuter full and the one way conversations we are forced to endure cover the gamut of life....from business to what's for dinner....from surgical procedures to walking the dog. The power of the voice over those who have no choice but to listen...the question remains. Is there actually anyone on the other end of the phone?

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