• Tony Frobisher

Silence Gathered

Silence Gathered The silence gathered And stayed hidden, undiscovered Drowned by a constancy of noise And sound pervasive, all consuming But it was there Between each howl of wind Between each step on gravelled ground Between every breath taken Between every word spoken And thought that came to mind The silence gathered Quiet unseen It swirled and circulated Looking for a place to remain And it was only when I listened intent To the spaces between the sound That I found silence. And it found me. _____________________________ I find silence the most difficult moments to capture. For we live in a world of continuous noise, invited or unwarranted. But every now and then, silence arrives and it is the most astonishing of sounds. I have recently read the most beautiful explanation of the meaning and importance of silence. "Silence" by Erling Kragge. And it is a revelation.

#silence #peace #calm #mindfulness #listening

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